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The Osgiliath Guard - A division of The Older Gamers (TOG)

The Osgiliath Guard, a mature players kinship on Arkenstone, is open to new members. We have no class or level restrictions, and we welcome all types of players. We have members from all over the world, including North America (distributed from East to West Coast; US and Canada), Europe, and the Oceanic Zone. We've got some aggressive raiders, we've got some casual and mostly solo players, and we've got everything in between. If there's a style within LOTRO, you'll find it in The Osgiliath Guard.

We are part of a larger organization, The Older Gamers (TOG), and before joining the Guard you will need to join TOG. The primary requirement is that you need to be 25 years of age or older. There's a good overview of the organization at About TOG if you'd like to know more.

Because you have to join TOG before being admitted to The Osgiliath Guard the process strikes many as a bit complicated at first, but in reality each step is simple and intuitive.

First, you want to join The Older Gamers:

Step 1 - Visit At the top of the page you'll see an orange button titled "Sign Up Now" Click that link to get started. Enter your email address, click Sign Up, and fill in the form.

Step 2 - The registration page asks you to create a user name, choose a password, and respond to a few questions. Make sure you apply for Full Membership, read and agree to the AUP, guidelines and code of conduct, then click Sign Up to complete your registration!

Step 3 - Since you're applying for full membership in order to join The Osgiliath Guard, you will next visit The Barracks to post a thread introducing yourself. If you'd like some advice on what to put in your post there's a "sticky" at the top of the Barracks page called "Potential Members - PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING" that should answer any questions you might have.

A TOG administrator will review your registration and assuming there are no questions will grant you permissions to view the members only pages. This usually happens within a day of filling out the registration and posting in the Barracks, but it could on occasion take up to 48 hours. If you don't get a response in a reasonable period, try to open a division page. At this point you can join any of the club's gaming divisions simply by applying

To join The Osgiliath Guard:

Step 1 - Go to The Older Gamers Forum (LotRO Division) and log in with the user name and password you previously set up. The page will display previously hidden material, including several "stickies" near the top. Look for the thread called CHARACTER REGISTRATION - NA/Aus - The Osgiliath Guard and click in.

Step 2 - Post a request for membership. This can be very short, but MUST include the character name(s) you have created in LOTRO.

Step 3 - Log into LOTRO, launch the main character you listed in the registration thread, and find any member of the Osgiliath Guard (you can do this by pressing "o" to open the Social Panel, go to the fellowing tab, type "Osgiliath" in the filter and send a tell to one of the character names that pop up. Ask that player to refer you to an officer.

The officer will have to go to the TOG website and find your post in the Osgiliath Guard registration thread before recruiting you. This is simply to confirm you've joined The Older Gamers, and upon finding your name will send you an invitation in the game to join the kinship. You will be asked to put your TOG forum name in the social panel (there's a "notes" section on the kinship tab where you would do this) and you will then be promoted to full member and voila, you're done!